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Dog sitters and having your dog at your wedding


When you have a dog and are a true dog lover, you’ll probably want to have your canine best friend there with you through the biggest moments of your life, especially your wedding day.

So what should you think about when having your dog at your wedding? From how your pooch can be involved in your special day, to having a sitter and making sure your pup’s looked after, this blog aims to help.

Involving your dog in your wedding day

There are different ways you might want to have your dog involved in your wedding. Perhaps you want to keep the little pup in a room away from the hustle and bustle through the day, but then have them appear in the wedding photographs. Or you might want to create a space for them to sit through key parts of your special day with your other family and friends, like the ceremony or wedding breakfast.

You might even want your dog to be involved in the ceremony itself. Perhaps you’d love your canine to take the role of ring bearer by carrying your wedding rings in a pouch. Maybe you want your pup to be the dog of honour – trot up the aisle with the ushers and sit with you at the head table during the wedding reception. Or perhaps you and your partner both have dogs that mean the world to you and you want them to both play key parts in your big day.

Photo Credits: Paul and Nanda Photography

Having a dog sitter at your wedding

Whatever way your dog is involved in your wedding, you should always have somebody designated to look after it. They can ensure its well fed, is kept happy and stays on its best behaviour throughout the day. They can also make sure your dog follows its role in the wedding perfectly, if it has one. All this can help stop you worrying about your pet and focus on enjoying your day.

You could allocate a guest who is happy to take the role of dog sitter during the different parts of the wedding celebrations. Or, better still, you could hire a professional and experienced sitter, so you know your dog is in a safe pair of hands.

 What else to consider

As well as having a sitter, there are other things you should do to ensure your canine is fully catered for on your wedding day.

Food – You should make sure you bring plenty of dog food to keep it from going hungry.

Treats – Having the usual rewards, like treats, for good behaviour is a good way to make sure your dog doesn’t cause trouble or get up to mischief.

Toys – It’s a good idea to take with you some of your dog’s favourite toys to help keep it occupied and stop it getting restless.

Cage or bed – If you want to keep your canine in a room away from the crowds for most of the day, bring a nice and spacious cage or dog bed for them to sit in, rest and sleep.


Catering for your canine on your special day  

At James Places, we know how dogs can be an important part of a couple’s daily life. So we’ve made all of our venues dog friendly so your canine best friends can be there with you when you tie the knot. We are happy to provide water bowls and discuss the best ways to help accommodate your dog during your special day.

One such venue is the Shireburn Arms. Surrounded by stunning countryside, right in the heart of the Ribble Valley, this is a 17th century inn, beautifully restored to create a country wedding venue full of character and charm.

In addition to catering for your canine, the stunning venue can seat 100 wedding guests, up to 150 evening guests, and has 20 beautiful bedrooms, some of which are dog friendly. It also has a terrace and south-facing gardens.

If you would like to have your dog at your wedding and would like to see what our venues have to offer, you can book a show around with our team here. Alternatively, if you would like more information about our different venues and how they cater for dogs, get in touch.

Photo Credits: Georgie Beck